Video: 3D Audio Makes This Youtube Channel Perfect for Travel Inspiration

Destin Sandlin, host of the hit Youtube series "Smarter Everyday," records his experiences with 3D audio technology.

Experiencing the sounds of a city is one way poets and writers have romanticized travel for centuries and now, thanks to an engineer, there are videos with 3D sound that put the viewer right into the travel scenario with spacial awareness. 

Destin Sandlin is Youtube famous for his channel "Smarter Everyday," a series that explores the world and applies science to everyday happenings. As if a career, family and two Youtube channels weren't enough—Sandlin created a second series on the same ideas called "Smarter Everyday 2"—the creator of the hit show started another Youtube venture called "The Sound Traveler.

Using 3D audio by way of microphones that Sandlin places in the upper part of his ears, he's able to walk through cities and towns in addition to famous attractions like New York City's Times Square and give his audience an in-depth exploration of the space. The depth perception that the 3D microphones give capture sound binaurally—creating a sensation of being in the space or the area that Sandlin is in—from being able to hear rain drops hitting both sides of the street in Munich to experiencing the cacophony of sounds at a daily, outdoor market in Mesa de los Santos, Colombia.

As anyone can imagine, after watching any one of Sandlin's videos we've got the overwhelming urge to go out and explore the areas he visits ourselves.