9 Comeback Cities to Rediscover Before Everyone Else Does

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Detroit, Michigan
©Vito Palmisano
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Detroit, Michigan
©Vito Palmisano
Detroit, Michigan

The hardworking Midwestern spirit helped the Motor City bounce back from the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in history. It won a 2016 tourism award for attractions like the Detroit Institute of Art—with its famous "Detroit Industry" murals painted by Diego Rivera—that showcase Detroit's automotive heritage. 

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French Quarter New Orleans, Louisiana
©Alex Demyan/New Orleans Online
New Orleans

In 2005, New Orleans was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. It currently is home to 40 museums, such as the lauded National WWII Museum, and was awarded a $7.7 million grant from the National Park Service to preserve civil rights movement historical sites.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
©Tourism Toronto

Toronto's rich, culturally diverse population has grown by 100,000 residents a year, with investments in technology and transportation aiding its transformation. It has the largest Chinatown to explore outside of San Francisco.

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Heinz Stadium Pittsburgh
©Visit Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The collapse of the steel industry left this blue-collar city in the dust during the '80s, but today it's known for its chic restaurants, hotels and galleries. It ranked No. 41 in The Economist's 2017 Global Liveability Rankings, making it one of only six American cities to make the cut.

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Liverpool England The Beatles
©The Beatles Story
Liverpool, England

The Beatles put Liverpool on the map, but the city struggled after a manufacturing decline at its docks. In 2004, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2015 became a UNESCO City of Music. After London, it has the most galleries and museums—such as The Beatles Story—in England.

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Marseille, France
©Nicolas Loison
Marseille, France

The oldest city in France, Marseille has always been a destination, but this port city was once heavily polluted. It's now a park-lover's delight thanks to clean-up efforts; there are seaside gardens like Jardin du Pharo and other iconic spaces like Parc du 26éme Centenaire with its Asian, African, Arab-Andalusian and Provencal gardens.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
©Lorenzo Magnis/Flickr, Creative Commons
Ljubljana, Slovenia

More than 100,000 cultural events take place every year in Ljubljana, Europe's Green Capital for 2016. Between 2002 and 2016, the country's international overnight stays jumped by 900,000.

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Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

A former Olympic city, Seoul has blossomed into a space lauded as a "giant internet hotspot" with beautiful architecture. The undulating GT Tower East and Tetris-esque Boutique Monaco skyscraper are two examples of the city's eye candy. The fluid Dongdaemun Design Park & Plaza is another hotspot with Zaha Hadid's modernist calling card evident in the work.

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Buffalo, New York WIlkeson Pointe
©Ed Healy
Buffalo, New York

A revitalized waterfront and upgraded neighborhoods have made it hip to once again "shuffle off" to Buffalo, where they've shelled out $1 billion for redevelopment. Enjoy a burgeoning craft beer scene, laid-back sports vibe and sites for art and architecture lovers.

By Jennifer McKee on 09/11/2017

Whether plagued by economic downturns, the ravages of nature or simply a lack of visitors, the following nine cities have pulled themselves up by the bootstraps to become areas rich in art, cuisine, technology and beauty. Their amazing turnarounds make them worthy of a spot on any traveler's must-visit list.