Fall Asleep in Iceland's 'Buubble' Hotel

The 5 Million Star hotel has a view you have to see to believe.

Travelers who love sleeping in the great outdoors will want to stay in Iceland's cozy, inflatable igloos.

Buubble, the 5 Million Star Hotel in Iceland, has sleeping in nature down to a snug science. 

These clear igloos are like tents that are heated and made from clear plastic. It's an adventurous way to see the Aurora Borealis and the millions of stars in the winter sky. In the summer, open your eyes to watch the birds and butterflies flit through the trees.

Each of the five bubbles is fitted with a noiseless ventilation system that exchanges the air, prevents humidity and keeps guests comfortable even in the middle of winter. A nearby service house contains the restrooms, showers and a self-service kitchen.