What to Watch: 3 Stunning Travel Videos Created With Drones

From whales and big waves in Hawaii to dramatic shots of Vietnam's terraced rice fields and Bolivia's salt flats, these drone videos have it all.

As consumer drone prices have come down dramatically and as the payloads have increased (meaning more cameras), we've seen an explosion of travel videos created with drones. There's no question why we love these videos: What once would have costs thousands of dollars an hour to film via helicopter can now be shot in 4K on an inexpensive drone you can stow in a car's trunk or packed in a small case before you hop a ferry or a flight.

Follow along in this fascination with this batch of great travel videos created via drones.  Here’s what to watch:

Seeing the World by Drone

Talk about armchair travel: A year's worth of traveling the globe with a drone resulted in this beautiful video. Locations include Egypt, Morocco and New York, just to name a few. A few of my favorite locations are the Salar De Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia and the majestic terraced rice fields of Sa Pa, Vietnam. If you only watch one video today, this has to be it.

Whale Watching from Above

Drones are putting a whole new spin on whale watching. While the whale-watching boat tour is a tourism staple around the world, this video uses a drone to get amazing footage of humpback whales during their winter retreat near the Hawaiian Islands. Located off the coast of Kohala on the Big Island, these whales play in the warm waters and interact with spinner dolphins, sea turtles and even locals paddling outrigger canoes. An estimated 12,000 whales make the migration to the islands every year to breed and give birth to calves in the warm, shallow waters surrounding the islands.

The Power and Beauty of Waimea Bay

Staying in Hawaii, we travel to the island of Oahu and the popular big wave surf spot Waimea Bay. Every year, surfers and visitors flock to Waimea for the giant waves that crash on its shores.  The Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational, held in honor of famous Waimea lifeguard Eddie Aikau, takes place at Waimea when waves reach heights of 20 feet or taller. After seven years, the tournament was held in 2016 with 23-year-old John John Florence taking home the crown. You’ll love the massive waves in this video and the ever-popular jumping rock that people love to leap from into the clear waters below.